Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kiwi Land

So here we are in New Zealand. We left Alice on Wednesday and flew through Melbourne to Auckland. We had to leave the building to get from domestic to international terminals, so can we say we were actually in Melbourne? We had an uneventful trio, other than the sound not working on mine and Cary's built in TV for the flight to Auckland. Oh well, I did not want to watch a movie anyway and the flight attendant gave us drinks on the house for our trouble. Not that they charge for alcohol on international flights, but hey, it was the thought that counted, right?
All went smoothly through customs and immigration, and we grabbed a taxi to take us to our hotel. The guy took us on the scenic route, we suspect, because after driving us all over kingdom come, we asked how to get back to the airport and how long it would take. He assured us we could just hop on the highway and it would only take 20 minutes. Ok, then why have we been driving for a half an hour on every back road in town, hmmmm?
We did finally make it to our hotel, and after shelling over an obscene amount of money for the taxi, we got settled into our room just after midnight. Since the time in Alice was only 8:30, I was not tired like I wanted to be and did not sleep very well. Oh well, nothing like adjusting to a new time zone.
This morning, Cary called the rental car place to see if they could come get him so we could get our car. Of course, our hotel was a smidgen too far from the city center to qualify for the free pick up, so we had to make another plan. Then, he called the whale tour place to verify where we needed to go, and they told us that we had to cancel for weather. Bummer. Ok, I did not want to ride on a boat in the rain anyway, right? Plan B time. Not that we had a plan B, but we adjusted and grabbed a bus to take us to the car and then hit the Auckland Museum instead. It was a good rainy day plan and we had fun exploring. The park that the museum was in had a bunch of awesome old trees and cool plants to check out as well. We had a nice dinner down by the waterside and did a little shopping for souvenirs. And now we are tired and ready to crash. Wait, I think I hear the sound of a log being cut coming from the bedroom. Looks like my husband has beat me to it. More adventures tomorrow. See you then!


Nathan Demarest said...

Yay New Zealand. If I was there I'd consider going sky diving. Not that I really would go sky diving, or think you and the family will do it, but I hear the NZ is a great place to do it. Have fun!

Karen James said...

What a great tree!