Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Milford Sound

Today started early with our pickup for our Milford Sound cruise. First we travelled many hours by tour bus to our boat, and then we cruised up the sound, which is technically a fjord, out to the Tasman Sea and back, and then back on the bus for the return trip. Long day, but so amazingly worth it. Words can't describe. Pictures to come won't do it either, I suspect. But, wow, majestic is one I could use to try to capture the sight. Interestingly, the highlight of the day, for me, was actually watching E find and strike up a friendship with various Japanese people on the bus and boat. She was so happy to be greeted so warmly by these strangers, who were happy to practice English with her as she practiced Japanese with them. At one point, she had about six adults all circling her as she sat on a bench choosing which drawing to show them out of her sketchbook. My baby is growing up! Thankfully, these lovely people made this sightseeing nature focused tour not only bearable, but exciting, for my child who hates sightseeing and nature based stuff. I'm not sure what rock we found her under, but we love her anyway! The other one was in love with the trees and moss and lichen and birds and mountains and snow and waterfalls and penguins and seals and views and everything. Good day all around and now I am tired. Tomorrow is a free day and we plan to milk it for all the rest and recuperation we can get out of it, plus laundry.

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