Sunday, September 25, 2005

All in the Family

As is our usual course of events, we were all sick today. It seems to start with C who gets under the weather but can't let himself get sick because of work. Then E gets it and burns through it pretty quickly. As soon as she is looking good, A comes down with it, but she takes longer to get well. She had a fever today as well as yesterday where E only had it one day. Now, since it is the weekend and we both have each other for help, I woke up with a tickle in my throat and feeling out of sorts and C lets himself get all the way sick.

So, today was a quiet day. The girls watched movies and C dozed on the sofabed with them, while I puttered in my office/craftroom. I managed to get a lot organized and cleaned up, to make way for some Christmas projects. A tends to be up and about more when she gets sick, which is probably why it takes her longer to get well, so we made some more flubber since she missed out yesterday. E spent a good amount of time taking orders from C and me for food, which she would make out of her flubber and serve to us. This evening, we all watched a Netflix movie that arrived in the mail today. It was called Born Free and it was based on a true story of a lion cub who is raised by people and ends up being reintroduced to the wild. It was very sweet, even if the production left something to be desired. What do I expect for 1966? The girls enjoyed it, mostly for the many scenes of lions and other animals.

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