Monday, September 26, 2005

This would be a title

Another quiet sick day for this family. We were going to go to the hot air balloon festival this weekend, but due to our health status, it was not meant to be. At least it is an annual event. C offered to fly us to another event in a nearby town, so we might do that. I could take some pictures of the balloons from the airplane!

E was pretty much recovered, so she flitted about doing her thing, playing with the flubber in the play kitchen, watching movies ( My Neighbor Totoro), and playing Mousetrap with Daddy. A was a bit better, but she still needed to rest. She wanted to play Zoo Tycoon, so we made her a "bed" out of the diningroom chairs so she could play and rest at the same time. She made various zoos that had koalas and pandas and zebras and a Loch Ness monster in them. She spent some time at the Zoo Tycoon website, as well. At one point I was in my office making Christmas stockings (Hey N&J, I'm working on Q's) and E wanted to make a bead necklace. I set her up and we worked alongside each other for a bit. That was nice and I look forward to that sort of thing as the kids grow up. I admit I do not have the patience for all the help they need right now when making stuff.

This evening we started the process of emptying the pool. It has not been warm enough to swim for a while and the water turned a bit green last week, so swim season is over for this year. Time to find us a trampoline!

I was wiped out tonight, so C took over the bedtime routine. I had to pretend to be asleep so that they would go to sleep without me. C read to and snuggled with them. E was fine with it, but she did say that the first time she woke up she was coming to snuggle with "Mama's itchy arm". She has been obsessed with my forearms since she was a baby, rubbing them while nursing and kissing them when she needs a bit of comfort and connection with me. I do not understand the itchy part, but she says it is a good thing!

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