Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bestest Day Ever!

I think we over did it yesterday. I fought it today and got more done around the house than I have in a week and when C came home tonight, he said I looked tired. I feel tired. I am getting this blog done and going to bed.

A wanted to do something all day, but she could not figure out what she felt like doing. Nothing sounded good to her, she could not even figure out what food to eat. I am not in top form myself so I was not much help. She wanted to bake cookies, and when I agreed she said she didn't want to. So, E and I baked up a batch of sugar cookies (I had dough in the freezer). The girls did play with their baby dolls for a while. E wanted to give hers a bath, so while I was in the shower, she gave her baby a bath in my big tub. I hope we can break out of this rut soon. At least we have the Life Learner stuff twice a week now. Friday we are going to the house of one of our members to play games, board games, card games, any games. Should be great fun.

A and I are going to go read our book. If my voice hold out, we might finish it tonight. I need a good night's sleep and maybe we will have more to report tomorrow.

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