Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dashed Plans

Not much to report today. We woke up to rain, so the Pirate day at Red Rock was pushed off till Thursday, the first good day weather-wise. It seems it was a good thing for other reasons, mainly that E had a fever last night during the night and it was still there this morning. She burns through whatever bug she gets, so hopefully she will be better for Thursday. She spent most of the day asleep on the couch. We did get a chance to make some skull and crossbone flags for the pirate venture. I started on some daggers, but while waiting for cardboard layers to dry we started watching The Return of the King, extended version. That took up the whole afternoon/evening! So we'll have to finish them tomorrow. I enjoy rainy days because sitting and watching movies all day never feels like a waste of time when it is too wet to get outside. The energy of a rainy day seems to be rejuvenating and lends itself to relaxing and recharging. It was a good thing it was that kind of day, because having to sit with a sick kid on a nice day can drive me to distraction. It all worked out today for the best. I even finished my book! Loved it.

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