Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pirate Princesses

Pretty quiet day at home for us today. I tried to get caught up with laundry and dishes. The girls kept themselves pretty occupied while I did that. We did sit down together to paint this wooden chest that I found in the garbage (the things people throw away!), to make it resemble a treasure chest for our Life Learner event tomorrow. It was going to be a simple trip out to Red Rock, but it went awry. Some Pirates have invaded the group and are forcing us to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day (which is actually today)! Oh well, should be a rowdy good time, arrr. So anyway, we got the chest looking ship shape and filled it with all manner of treasure we could find about the house, Mardi Gras beads (I wish I knew which ones were actually from New Orleans, or I would save those special), golden coins, and jewels. I imagine the kids will have great sea battles over our treasure, or hide the chest and make maps to lead us parents to the jackpot. I'll fill you in tomorrow, of course.

We spent some time in the backyard playing and digging in the dirt. A couldn't stand it anymore, she had to plant something. So I filled a planter box with dirt and gave them some flower seeds. I have no idea if they will grow ok this late in the year, but it can't hurt to try. While I was digging out some compost to put in the garden, I found two Hornworm pupas. We had been picking them off the tomatoes and throwing them to their demise in the compost. I guess the bigger ones just burrowed in and pupated. Now we have three pupa in the tiny bug box. I need to get them a more suitable container, with some dirt to cover them and a large space above to let them stretch their wings in when they emerge. I don't know why I am being so good to these tomato plant destroyers. Oh yeah, my girl's education. Yeah, that's it.

After dark, the girls wanted to watch a movie, so they put in this new DVD set we got the other day. The Secret Garden and The Little Princess in a combo set for only 10 bucks! How cool is that? They already love the Secret Garden, having seen it many times at my Dad's house, and we had recently rented the Little Princess from Netflix and loved it. I love it when the little girl says, "Didn't your Daddy ever tell you you were a princess?" Mine did not, or if he did, he stopped saying it by the time I got old enough to remember (fortunately, I married a man who recognizes my nobility!). But my girls know it to their core! E was figuring out what to wear tomorrow and she came out dressed all in pink and purple and ruffled skirts. She must be a Pirate Princess. She told me in the sweetest little voice she was going to say, "Arrr", sounding more like a songbird than a scurvey pirate!

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