Friday, September 02, 2005

The Rest of the Day

It was a good birthday. C came home early from work to start his four day weekend. None of us wanted to wait until after dinner to dig into the Carvel ice cream cake C and the girls had got me, so they lit some candles and sang to me and we all had a peice. It was as good as I remember from being a kid. Love those crunchy chocolate thingies! Since today is our wedding anniversary, I had pulled out some steaks for C and I to have for dinner. I set everything up, steaks and veggies, for him so he could "cook me dinner" on the grill, while the girls took a swim in the pool.

After dinner we got out the wedding album and looked at the pictures with the kids. Pictures of the hot air balloon at our reception reminded me that there will be a hot air balloon festival in town this month. We plan to go and take the kids for a tethered ride up in a balloon. The paper even said they were going to have a half filled balloon that we could walk around inside. That should be fun!

Our cat is in heat for the first time and I am regretting not getting her spayed sooner. Funny story though. Everytime she yowls, A says, "No boys for you, young lady". Not that she really understands just exactly what that means yet! Anyway, the cat is spending the nights in the garage until this feline maddness passes. She is scratching at the locked cat door as I type, trying to get in. Poor thing!

Well, I should get some rest since I have to be up and out of the house early (for me) tomorrow because C got me an hour long massage for an anniversary present. Yay!

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Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!