Saturday, September 17, 2005

Rollerskates, Rats, and Radishes

My darling husband had been out of town until last night and so today he provided me with a break. Let me sleep in and lounge in bed reading for a while. He took the girls out to rollerskate. When I came down to join the family, they were coloring together. After a while, he and the girls went on one of their Daddy dates. I stayed home and read my book (halfway done!). They came home with more of those littlest pet shop toys and a surprise for me. C called from the driveway to tell me that they were home and in a few minutes the girls would ring the doorbell. I needed to answer it so they could show me something. When I opened the door, there they were with scary masks on and a fake rat on their shoulders. Halloween is starting to loom closer and we are getting ready to have a party and do a haunted house with the Life Learners. It should be tons of fun!

This afternoon some of our friends came by to swap TV's with us. They had one that was given to them by the Dad's Dad and it did not fit in their house and we had the same one as one they already had which was rapidly dying. The one they gave us is bigger than the one we had and it has a better picture. The one they got is the same as what they had, just in working order. Good deal all around. I love the concept of freecycling and it is even better with friends!

After dinner we all went out in the backyard until it got dark. I messed with the garden, C messed with the pool, and the kids played in the sandbox with their horses. I got a portion all amended and ready to plant some seeds in. A was eager to plant, but I had to put her off for one more day. We will put in the few seeds I have on hand, but we will have to make a trip to the nursery to get more. The girls love to eat stuff right out of the garden. They will eat a green bean off the vine, but not out of the fridge! Same with peas, spinach, and lettuce. Carrots they will eat either way. Silly rabbits!

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