Monday, September 19, 2005

Bouncing Baby Girls

We had a birthday party to go to this afternoon at 3pm and E woke me up this morning asking if she should go get dressed and ready to go to the party. I assured her she had plenty of time before she had to do that. At least when she did get dressed it was in a new outfit, one she had NOT worn for the past week! She loves this leopard print skirt I made for her and this penguin t-shirt so much, she won't take them off.

The party was for one of the girl's friends who they have known for as long as we have lived here, coming up on two years now. They live all the way on the other side of town, but we still manage to stay in touch pretty frequently. I really like the mom and the little boy is one of A's "boyfriends" or used to be when we saw them more often. She says he is just a friend now because she is in love with another boy, the one I mentioned before. There used to be a bit of a love triangle going on between A, the boy, and another friend, a girl. They were there today, but A had no problem playing with this little girl now, since they boy was out of the picture, love interest-wise. I think it is interesting how A can feel she is in love and knows who she wants to marry at age 6. I remember having "boyfriends" at her age and older, so I try not to laugh when she declares these things. I wonder how much of it is inbred in us and how much is identification with the adult behavior she sees all around.

They have a trampoline that the girls were looking forward to jumping on. Our plan is to get one to put where the pool sits, during the winter months. We figure we would not want to jump when it is blazing hot and we won't swim past, well, last week, as the temps are finally dropping, so we could swap them out. Anyway, I think the girls spent most of the five hours we were there jumping on that trampoline. I think we will be getting a good deal out of the money we spend on a trampoline. I got on it right before we headed home and had so much fun! I think I am looking forward to getting one as much as the kids!

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P@ said...

My parents had a trampoline when I was in my teens and still living there. They are expensive, but are totally worth every penny!