Monday, September 26, 2005

When will it end?

Ok, it is official, I am tired of sickness. I want to feel better, I want my kids to feel better and I want my husband to feel better. E really is the best of the lot, but she is stuck in with the rest of us. My poor husband has to go on with wage earning, and I must remain Mama, so no rest for the weary. And poor A, she gets so bored sitting around, being sick. It is times like this that I lose all but the barest remnants of my confidence in our chosen lifestyle. Which makes no sense, because it is times like this that our chosen lifestyle shines. We have the freedom, excepting our breadwinner, to slow down and take it easy when we need to. We do not have a stack of "have-to's" piling up on us as we recover from being sick. I should rest in the fact that my children are truely missing out on nothing if they don't "do" much for a few days or a week. Life has no schedule, no deadlines ( save death and perhaps reincarnation trumps that). Maybe it is just that little voice in me that says if I am not accomplishing something, I am wasting time. Got to stop that voice, because it takes me in the direct opposite direction of where I want to head. I want to learn how to be, not how to do. I want to know that I am okay just the way I am. And I want this for my children. I wish for them to never have to battle with voices in their heads that tell them they are not good enough.

Ok, let's see if I can prove to myself that we did have a good day today. I spent a lot of time sitting with the girls, knitting and watching their shows and even some HGTV. A had me set up her bed by the computer to play Zoo Tycoon. E played Neopets on the other computer for a bit and I shuttled back and forth between them, reading stuff and helping as needed. I found this link to a cool animated music video (very long download time but worth it!) and we watched it together. It has a very poignant message about the times worth remembering and the ones we wish not to remember. Once C got home, he took E out for a short ride around the block before dinner. After dinner, she put on a show for us, dancing to the music that their little electric piano plays. She about wore me out, she has so much energy! A wanted a bath, so we did that and since we started that early we had time for two chapters of HP. Almost done and we will start the first book that there has not been a movie for yet. I look forward to forming my own pictures in my head of the action in the next book and then seeing what the movie makers do when we see The Goblet of Fire.

Tomorrow is our Life Learner day. I am hoping, praying, wishing, willing with all my might that A and I are up for it. We are going to a park for a few hours and then going over to a paint your own pottery place. I really want to go, I need my friends and so do the kids! We will sacrifice our recovery schedule a bit if necessary, in order to live life to the fullest!

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