Thursday, October 13, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

We had a busy day today getting ready for camping. We ran out to get a few items from Target and had lunch while we were there. A bought herself some clothes for her babydoll and a Playmobil princess and unicorn. She kept saying she wanted Legos, but when we got in the aisle that had Lego, she said that was not it. It took me a while to figure out she meant Playmobil. She was extremely pleased to see that they had this whole princess and unicorn line. She only had enough money for one little set, but she plans to come back later for more. I remember playing with them when I was a kid and having a lot of fun. E got another Littlest Pet Shop set. It was a set with two cats in it and she said that she only wanted one of the cats and that she would give the other one to her friend M.

When we got home, I bounced around from one thing to another, getting stuff ready to pack and doing laundry. I told the girls that we had until tomorrow night to get the house picked up and that they might want to do some of it now, so we won't be too rushed later. They did not jump on the idea, but eventually, A was doing dishes with me and E was running around putting toys away. I was thinking about how if someone asked me how I got my kids to be so helpful, I would only be able to say, "Never make them do it". It works!

I am trying to think of specific things the girls did today while I was busy. They played on the computer at for a while. E colored in some of her coloring books. A played with her baby and they both played with the new stuff when we got home. I was outside for a while, putting some stuff away in the backyard and they came out with me. E pretended to catch bugs and frogs with this net we got for the camping trip, intending to use it to catch fish or whatever in the river. A asked if the cat could come out, that she would watch her if she did. I said ok, so our kitty got to be a wild cat for a while. It took all three of us to get her back in the house when A was done with cat sitting. She was hard to corral! Our neighbor came over to get the details on watching the cat for us this weekend and said she would come over tomorrow after school to hang out. I might get her to watch the kids while I go shopping for food if we don't get to it earlier.

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