Friday, October 14, 2005

Gone Camping

I will be brief because it is almost 11pm and I am not packed for camping all the way yet. ACK! Ok, it is not that bad, I had just hoped to be ready a whole lot sooner. C has been out of town this week and is due to arrive tonight at midnight. I hope I am resting in bed when he walks in the door and not frantic, still. The girls had a day very like yesterday, not much to report. I have a few thoughts to share, but not right now. How's that for a tease? I will have glorious reports of our camping trip to report on Monday. Ha! I am giving myself three days off from blogging. I figure communing with mother nature at one of the most beautiful national parks is a good excuse. See you Monday!


Chris said...

Hi M,
Say hi to C, A and E for me. We miss you guys. This is Chris from Chris and JJ "fame"

Miranda said...

Hi Chris! Tell your wife to send me your address! Hope you guys are well. We miss you all, too!