Saturday, October 08, 2005


That chess set I bought at the thrift store got some use today. A had played with her friend yesterday who is a good chess player and she wanted to keep learning. So, C offered to play and learn with her. They played several games over the course of the day. The method of teaching the game seems to be pretty successful. I guess it is my turn to give it a go.

We had received Sharkboy and Lavagirl from Netflix and that got watched at least four times today. To say it was a hit with the girls, especially E, is an understatement. The first time through I told E that she looked like Lavagirl, since she was wearing pink and had a smile very similar to Lavagirl. She took that as a huge compliment. It was a fun family movie with a good message, even if it was a little over the top for us adults.

I needed to go grocery shopping, very badly, and when I was about to walk out the door, E begged me to take her with me. A was playing chess with her daddy and E was feeling left out, so I said yes. It was a very nice shopping experience. E was helpful and fun to be with. I need to trust her to be growing up as much as I do A, instead of worrying she is still where she might have been the last time we tried to do something, like go shopping. When we were in the checkout, E was ahead of me, standing by the bagger, singing to herself. The young man, who was bagging our food, asked her for her autograph and said she was a very good singer. I think it took E by surprise, because she looked at the guy like he was weird. I told her what an autograph was and that if she was going to be singing like that in public, her fans were going to find her.

In the mail today was an intro package to some animal card-type thingy called Weird and Wild Creatures. We opened it and let the girls look at the cards, mostly thinking it was junkmail they could have fun with for a while. Well, A loved them! She wants me to sign us up for the club, where we get more cards every month. They came with an activity card as well; the one we got today was a crossword. A was interested in filling it out, so I helped her figure out the answers and spell out the words. I figure it will be a well spent $5.95 per month, even if we cancel after a few months.

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