Monday, October 10, 2005

Dream Dream Dream Dream

You know how E was soooo into Spongebob? Well, she seems to have moved on. Now it is Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Particularly Lavagirl. She told me today that it was a good thing she had so many pink dresses, so that she can always look like Lavagirl. She makes me laugh sometimes. Needless to say, the movie was watched many more times today! A and C played some more chess, with A beating him for the first time. I called my dad to wish him a happy birthday and chatted with my brother, SIL, my step mom and my nephew, too. It was nice to talk with everyone. After lunch, I got ready to make a run to the nursery to buy some plants and seeds for the fall crop and A came along with me. She was too cute wanting to pull the wagon all around. We saw a water garden set up with koi and turtles in it. A wants us to make a little water garden for our yard sometime, so I guess I'll have to think about how to do that. She also wanted to look at all the plants to find a good one for her bedroom. I told her that the ones we were looking at really liked to be outside, but she picked out some columbine seeds anyway. They like partial shade so maybe we can start them inside and move them out in the spring. When we got home we planted some peas and spinach. We will get to the rest tomorrow. C was taking me out tonight, so I had to get ready. Yes, twice in one week! Our teenage neighbor T came over to watch the girls and we went out to eat and wander around Lowes for a while. It was nice to walk slowly and look at anything we wanted to without someone asking if we were done yet. We somehow managed to find 100 bucks worth of odds and ends that we did not know we needed until we saw it tonight! Not exactly romantic, but good for the marriage nonetheless. C was feeling tired, so we came home a bit early and he went to bed to try to shake this cold he has. T hung out with us for a little longer, since the girls were not ready for her to leave yet. They have fun when she babysits and A asked me when she was going to do it again. I think we will try to make it a more regular thing. That was our day.

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