Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Crystals, Camping Gear, and Cooties

This morning the girls wanted to see their crystals from the kit we did earlier. I poured out the liquid to reveal....nothing. Not a single bit of crystal was to be seen growing. I think I know what went wrong and we will try again soon. I think the solution was not saturated, so we will saturate it up the wazoo and grow some crystals, darnit.

A wanted to organize the stuff on her shelves in her bedroom, so after I got breakfast we headed up to tackle that and some other clutter upstairs as well. It was nice to start the day with that level of productivity, for me anyway. I had a hard time slowing down the rest of the day for the girls. We spent a long time out in the front yard this afternoon, since A wanted to take her babydoll for a walk and I wanted to start pulling down the camping equipment. We leave on Friday and I want to have as much packed in the car and ready by Thursday afternoon as is possible. So while I worked on that, the girls played in the front. E picked up their fishing pole and that got me thinking that we could fish in the Virgin River at the campsite. I put some weights on the end of the line so they could practice casting. A said, "Does this mean we have to eat fish when we go camping?" I am not even sure we could catch any worth eating in the section of the river by the campground, but we will have fun trying.

A wanted me to play chess with her all day, and since I was on a roll I kept putting her off. She ended up playing and beating her daddy this evening. While they played, E and I played Cooties. She said it was not a game for winning since she would cry if she lost. She beat me, if we were keeping track! After A beat her father in chess she wanted to play Cooties with me and E, so we did that before bathtime. E won again. Not bad for someone who does not play to win.

Oh, E is letting me send Sharkboy and Lavagirl back to Netflix tomorrow, but she says we have to buy it! It was watched a couple times today and she has not changed out of her pink dress yet.

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