Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Gloomy Tuesday

The day began very dark and gloomy, with thunderstorms covering the whole valley. We were supposed to have a park day with the Life Learners, but the weather was not good. I had to make a decision about what to do. We ended up moving the park day to tomorrow and that seemed to be best. Then the skies cleared and it ended up a beautiful afternoon. Go figure. Oh the joys of predicting the weather.

C went flying this morning and then went into work late. He came home for lunch which is a rare treat to see him during the day. While here he got the girls started playing this Furby board game our neighbor had given us. After he left for work, A and I played three times and she beat me all three times. Not that it required any skills, as it was just a game of chance, no strategy. I was thinking about how younger kids games are like that and how much they bore me. I hope that as the kids grow I will be into playing games with them more, since the games they can play will be more and more challenging. Now, I just play hoping chance will favor them as they still have a hard time losing. I spend time drooling over these awesome looking games in catalogs, waiting for the day the girls are old enough to actually play with me.

Since we are hosting the Life Learners on Friday, I needed to do some cleaning up and the girls were happy to let me. They helped a little, but I mainly worked on the craftroom, which still had glitter all over it from the last LVLL event here! Best they stayed out while I did it or the glitter would have been all over the house again! They watched the Netflix movie we got in the mail yesterday, Alice in Wonderland, Disney version. After that, they wanted to play out front, so I continued to sort craft stuff in the garage while they pulled each other up and down the sidewalk in the wagon and said hello to neighbors passing by.

We retried the crystal growing kit, so I will keep you posted on how that works out. I basically dumped the rest of the crystal powder into the existing solution, hoping it saturates it enough to grow something. We'll see. A wanted to watch the Avatar episodes we have missed, so we sat down to watch them together. I checked on TIVO to see if a new one is coming up, but it had nothing new to show for the next few weeks. Frustrating. I wish TV stations didn't string you along like that.

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