Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Monday, again. No fair. We had such a nice weekend, it should be allowed to stretch a little into Monday. Oh well. After a slow start to the day, with the girls coming into my room to ask if I was getting up yet a million times between 8:30 and 9 am, I decided I needed to finish the Christmas stocking I am making for my nephew so I can send it with his birthday gift this week. The girls were amazingly cooperative with this decision and let me work while they played. After a while I stopped and asked if they wanted to bake some pretzels. E wanted to help shape them and A said she would eat one. So, pretzels were baked and eaten (yummy if you ask me, but E said they were "badder than the store bought ones"). A went out to check the mail about three times before it actually came, the first time to put the tadpole coupon in the mail so we can get our froggies. Yes, I splurged and got two. Two kids, two frogs is only fair. After the mail actually came and was collected, A wanted to go play outside in the front, so we did that for a while. I went through this bag of fabric and crafty stuff my neighbor gave me to see what was in there. Found a bag full of cool rocks and seashells, a binder full of craft projects that look like they were published mid eighties, and a ton of fabric that will be great for the girls to make doll clothes out of over the years. While we were out front a big truck went by that looked like the tank in back held water. It did. It came down the street spraying water, presumably to wash the road. Torrents of water flowed down the road and it was hard for the girls not to get in it, but I had to ask them not to since it was almost black from tar dust. Not much else exciting happened that I can think of. Tonight while reading to A, she got all excited when a scene from the movie trailer was explained by what we read. I am trying hard not to go pick up the book and read ahead to see what happens myself. It has been years since I read it and I don't remember much, so it has been like the first time. Can't wait for the movie!

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