Monday, October 31, 2005


A while back, C and I were watching tv in bed and he flipped to this show I had seen before, David Blaine Street Magic. I asked him to stop to watch it. We ended up watching this show and going back and forth on commercials (which drives me crazy, but I did not have the remote) to another magic show, Criss Angel Mindfreak. Ok, I don't know about you people, but there is no way some of that stuff isn't REAL. I mean I saw Criss Angel walk up and down walls, for crying out loud. Freaks me out! I was thinking about how I should Tivo the shows for A since she has expressed interest in doing magic, so I did. But they got deleted before we could watch them. She asked about them the other day and I saw they were gone, so I set up another recording. Well, tonight, she asked if they were there. They were and so we watched two episodes of Mindfreak. A was very excited watching them, getting freaked out by some of the stuff he did, and not being able to watch other stuff he did, like when he swallowed a piece of string and pulled it out of his eye. No kidding. I SAW it. After the show was over, she asked if we could go read, but not before expressing extreme agitation about wanting to do magic, real magic. She got so worked up, she was balling her eyes out. This is what I call not dealing with reality very well. I tried to just be there for her, saying gentle things like that she could learn magic if she believed she could. I think the problem was that I could not with all honesty tell her it was all a trick and that you just had to learn the trick. I mean, I have NO IDEA how they did some of that stuff. I think she got a sense of that and it overwhelmed her feeling of ever being able to do it. We need to go see one of the magic shows in town, so she can see more "normal" magic, not that I will know how they do it, of course. And, as C mentioned tonight, a trip to a magic store is in order to acquire some tricks she can handle herself. The funny thing is E watched the shows as well and her reaction? She did "magic" for daddy while A and I read. No problem in her mind about doing it. Of course she can do it. I had to ask her not to talk about it in front of A, for fear she would cry herself to sleep! She practically did anyway. Such different people, my children.

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Stephanie said...

Lance Burton is supposed to be really kid-friendly and I think he even has kids come up onstage for some tricks.