Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pumpkin Patch, sorta

Yesterday was such a whirlwind, I tried very hard to take things slower today. We had a nice start to the morning, with breakfast all together and then we got ready to go get us some pumpkins. The place where we went was set up in a shopping center parking lot, so it was a far cry from a real pumpkin patch, but what can you expect from the desert? They had a huge inflatable slide and a bounce house, a bungee/trampoline jumping thing, and a swing ride. A took one look at some punky looking teenagers working the slide and decided she really did not want to slide after all. But E marched right up, climbed all the way up by herself and zoomed down the big slide. She went several times, and A still did not change her mind. I walked her over to the swing ride and we waited for it to stop so she could ride. E came over with C and joined us. They had fun on that one. It went around pretty fast. After that A saw the kid with the mohawk spiked hair working a different ride, so she agreed to try the slide. We ended up buying more tickets for them both because they loved the slide so much. The sun was pretty hot, so we urged them to pick out some pumpkins so we could go. They got two and we headed home. They were both very clear about how long they could have gone down that slide: forever! When we were driving home, A said, "Who wants to relax and watch a movie when we get home?" E said she did so they decided to watch the Muppet Wizard of Oz. C snuggled on the couch with them to watch and I caught most of it while I did dishes and made treats for the Halloween party. We looked up ideas on the internet and found some fun spooky food recipes. We also made the jello brain for our ghoulish dinner. We are going to do a bunch more tomorrow and carve the pumpkins, too.

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