Sunday, October 02, 2005

Pampered Parents

I had another massage today and while I was gone, C and the girls had fun playing and rollerblading together. Before I left the house, I pulled A aside and told her Daddy was feeling worn out and like he was not getting enough time for himself and that I had a plan to help him out. She was all ears. I told her that when I got back, we were going to give him some pampering. Rub his feet and hands, do his nails (not girly, manly!) and make him feel special. She was sooo excited with the idea.

When I got home, C was about to collapse. He had been up very early to go flying with a friend and the girls had worn him out. So, I sent him to take a nap. We cleaned up the house and got everything ready for our spa-at-home. A was ready to offer him a drink and a plate of fruit. E had put on her ballet outfit to dance to the classical music we had playing. And I had prepared all the lotions and scrubs and nail files and hot water to soak his feet in . I went upstairs to wake C and told him to come down to see his surprise. He is not an easy man to wake, and the girls were so eager to pamper Daddy, we were all waiting at the bottom of the stairs for him. He came down and when he saw what we had done, he about cried. We spent the next hour showering him with TLC. The look of pride on the girls faces just melted my heart. I forgot that in doing something nice for my husband, I was also showing my daughters how good it feels to be good to someone else. Between my massage and his pampering, we were two very happy parents today.

After dinner, E wanted me to snuggle with her and watch her favorite sea creatures cavorting about while A and C played States Bingo. I remembered that we had a Netflix DVD to watch, Puff the Magic Dragon. I heard the song the other day and remembered the show from when I was a kid, so I checked if Netflix had it. They did! E enjoyed it very much, she is a sucker for anything musical. I liked the themes of finding your true self and forging ahead despite your fears to be very auspicious in my life right now. It is amazing what you can get out of a children's cartoon!

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