Saturday, October 01, 2005


Oh and by the way, yesterday's little tirade was not provoked by anything. I was just frustrated with feelings I had inside of me and felt like venting. And now back to your regularly scheduled blog...

Today was the Life Learner Game Day. It was lots of fun. Everyone brought some of their favorite games to share and play with their friends. There were five other families with us and we had over twenty games, maybe thirty, to choose from. It was nice to get down on the floor and play the games with the kids. I am not very good at doing that at home when it is just the girls and me, but with a bunch of people, it was great. C even got to join us as he got off early from work. I know he worries about fitting in with a bunch of women, but they love him. The girls were glad he was there as well. Us grown ups, after the kids had moved on to other pursuits, even sat down to a few card games. We were having such fun, we were plotting to do a Mom's night out to play games!

A was still in her lost as to what to do with herself mode, so she ran out of steam earlier than I would have wanted to go. E was having such a great time with her friend M, I knew she did not want to leave. So C asked A if she wanted to go home with him. They left about 6pm and went out to dinner on the way home. E and I stayed a few more hours, since the party was still going on!

One of the hornworms emerged today! Technically he is a Carolina Sphinx Moth now. We were not at home to see the momentous occasion, but maybe we will catch the other two in action. Since they got home before me and E, C and A got to see him with his wings very small and watch him pump them up with blood as they dried off.

E wanted me to snuggle on the couch with her and watch Spongebob when we got home, so C took A upstairs and read to her. We have started HP#4. We finished the last one yesterday and I was having a hard time reading the last chapter without tearing up. A was very pleased with how it ended and immediately ran to get the next one to look at the pictures. She was talking to me yesterday and said, "We have read 3 out of 6 and when we finish the next one we will have read 4 and have 2 to go, and then it will be read 5 with 1 to go, and then it will be read 6 with one to wait for!"

Back when A was only 2, when my mother was still alive, A would do this little dance for her when they would meet. My mother called it the crazy girl dance. That was the beginnings of the funny girl that A is now. She is a true comedian and she is particularly good at comedic timing and physical pratfalls and antics. She really cracks me up! And you can see how proud she is of herself when she makes others laugh. It is a joy to watch!

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