Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Peak Experience

Views on the mountain: gorgeous old pine trees, the kids climbing, and a columbine blossom.

Today our Life Learner event was to go up to the mountain and picnic together at a beautiful spot by a creek. Two other families came to join us today. When we got there, the wind was whipping and we were regretting not having brought warmer clothes, like hats and mittens! We had to park and then hike in to the picnic spot, which was a more sheltered spot. The wind was blocked and it was pleasant enough for us to enjoy ourselves. The kids explored the creek, and climbed the banks of the gully we were in. And us moms had awesome conversations, while we hiked around with the kids or watched them play nearby. Sometimes having a smaller group leads to more intimate talks and today was no exception. I have met such wonderful women through running this group, I am so blessed! We have really created a community of kindred souls in this sprawling city. The kids may have found great friends in this group, but so have I!

We got home a bit earlier than we usually do on LVLL days, probably due to the cold. It was weird to be chilly up there, when it was almost 90 degrees down at our house. Granted it was windy down here, so it probably did not feel that warm. The girls wound down when we got home by watching a little tv and playing quietly. A wanted to play this board game she has called Herd your Horses, so we did that. E joined in, but she had a hard time with not getting her way each time a move did not get her a horse card. It will be nice when she can play a game without getting sullen and/or surly! Anyway, the horse theme continued as A got involved with her Breyer horses, playing with them in the toy barn. She has not done this in a long time, so I guess the new horse inspired her. She announced to me that she wants to collect Breyer horses and asked me about 5 times if I liked horses. I told her I did, but that even if I did not , she could love anything she wanted. It seems she has pulled herself out of her rut, as she is planning to play with the horses tomorrow.

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