Thursday, October 06, 2005

Zest for Life

We're on the upswing. Everyone, even C, is feeling healthy and a zest for life is back in us all, I think. Today was one of those days where you could get a lot done in order to save yourself work in the future, and I tried to make it that way. I thinkI succeded a bit. Tomorrow night, C and I are going to a party, an office party. The girls are going to a friends' house for the evening, which will be fun for them, and C and I get to dress up and pretend to be sophisticated adults for a while, which will be fun for us. On Friday the Life Learners are coming here to do a cool art project. I felt today would be a good day to get some of the prep done for those things in advance to give myself a lesser load tomorrow. So that is why we ended up running around town doing errands! I love to do anything but what I should be doing. ;-)

Seriously, I needed to do these other things and the girls had a fun time coming along. We went to the post office to mail a box of clothes to my cousin for her daughter, and my dad's birthday gift. Then we went to pick up the girls' penguins at the pottery place we went to last week. We left there and made a stop at the thrift store to see what we could find. I got a deal on two filters for our pool pump and the girls found a few trinkets. We also got a chess game that teaches you how to play the game. I have always been interested in learning and so has C, so maybe we will all learn as a family. The girls were not very patient in the thrift store, because our next stop was Walmart. I had something to return and they had money burning holes in their pockets. They took one look at the thrift store and decided they were not going to find anything good there. I managed to convince them otherwise to some extent, but I think it will be a while before they appreciate the finer side of a good bargain.

They each got a Fur Real pet at Walmart, A got a baby panda cub and E got a kitten that bats at the toy you wave in front of it. They immediately started playing with them when we got home. After a while they also wanted to watch the movie we had bought, the new Barbie Pegasus. It was watched twice through before the night was done. I hate to admit it, but I like those Barbie movies. Great messages and the characters Barbie plays are always such strong role models for girls. E spent a good portion of the second viewing dancing around in imitaion of the ice skating scenes from the movie. A was inspired to go play her computer game based on one of the other Barbie movies, which she did until we read HP and headed to bed. The reading thing for her is kicking into high gear. Not a hour goes by that she has not asked what a word is or how to spell a word. She interrupts me constantly when I am reading to her to ask questions or point out words she knows. Exciting stuff!

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