Friday, October 28, 2005

Thrilling Thursday

We had a whirlwind of a day today. I was focused on getting ready for the Lifelearners to come over tomorrow, so cleaning and setting things up for the haunted house got done. We also had to get my nephews birthday present in the mail, so a trip to the post office was in order. I needed to check on some trim for the stocking at the craft store so we hit that after the post office. E saw a penguin stuffed toy at the post office and she was very interested in getting a penguin toy. I steered her away from the ones at the post office, because they were probably overpriced and the last thing we need in this house is another stuffed animal! I said we could find something penguin-y at the craft store. We did find some plastic animal figures and we searched through them for a penguin. We found two types, one of which we already had and the other, a Humboldt penguin, which we did not. So that one came home with us. A got herself a panda cub and a white tiger. I found the exact trim I needed, which was a minor miracle, since the original stuff was bought by my mother six or more years ago! E also saw some paint by number pictures and she wanted one. We have a few, but they are A's, so I got her one of the easy ones, with a picture of a unicorn. She promptly got started painting when we got home. And in true E style, she ignored the number/color rules and painted it exactly as she wanted to. Boy is that hard for me to watch! But I kept my mouth shut. Who am I to squash her joy?

A got out her paint by numbers pictures and worked on them for a while with E, but then she wanted to sew. A couple of years ago my SIL got her a beginning sewing kit that makes beanbags with felt pieces sewn together. She had started one then, but had not touched it since. Tonight she finished that one and the other, too. She wants to make more, but doesn't seem to believe me that she can make her own with the felt and yarn we have on hand. I'll have to show her what I mean soon.

C was not getting home until 9 pm tonight and rather than getting the bedtime routine moving along, I decided to bake carrot cake muffins at 8:30. The girls were very into helping me tonight. So, he came home to us in the kitchen baking away. A cracked the eggs and was very proud that she got two out of the four needed completely in the bowl. The other two, she got most of the egg in the bowl. E wanted to cut up carrots for her bunny (toy) so she did that while A and I fed the food processor with carrots. A said it was too bad she did not want to eat any of the muffins, but she had fun helping anyway. I tried to get her to agree to taste them, but she refused. Maybe someday she will get tired of the limited foods she eats and will try something new.

We did end up doing the routine afterall, just later than usual. A about drove me crazy with the constant interruptions to ask where the word I just read was on the page, and if this says this, and how do you spell this. I am glad she is learning to read, don't get me wrong. She is just obsessed!

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