Saturday, October 29, 2005

Frightening Friday

Today was the day we met to put together our haunted house for our Halloween party with the Lifelearners. Everyone, five families, met here to get this place all spooked up for the party. I emptied out our library, which did not have much furniture to move anyway, and hung sheets to section off corridors and rooms for the "house". In between running around and playing, the kids all helped us drape spiderwebs and spiders, carefully place bats and rats, and hang skeletons. A had the idea to make one of the "rooms" a spooky diningroom, with a table full of gross food, like eyeballs and brains. We made a mummy who will be sitting at the table enjoying the meal. I have a grim reaper that I made years ago for a party long before kids, that will hang in the corner and point out his next victim as they enter the house. The kids all had a blast running through the house screaming, practicing for Monday night when they will come for trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and the party. We will spend the weekend getting the final touches done and ready for the big night.

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