Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Two for One

Yesterday was a resting day and yet we did quite a bit. A played with her Top Secret Adventures with me, while E played in her own little world. I realized that if a cake was to be made for E's birthday on Wednesday it would have to be then, so we baked one. She wanted a penguin cake, so that was fun figuring out how to make. The girls had gotten a present in the mail from my brother and SIL, and since A was having a hard time with it being E's birthday and not hers, I got that out for them to open. It was an Ello Creation Station, which is kinda like a lego-for-girls toy. They had a lot of fun playing with that for the afternoon while I baked and cleaned. A was very proud of the creations she made. After C got home from work, I headed out to purchase E's present (another gotta do now or it won't get done things). I also got some black icing coloring to finish up her cake. You can't make a proper penguin cake without it!

Today was our Life Learner event. We were supposed to go to the orchard to pick apples and pumpkins, but it was raining hard. We had back up plans to go to one of our member's houses for a playdate and three families joined us there. The kids all had fun playing and jumping on their trampoline, even if it was wet. We brought the cake to share, so we did the whole light the candles and sing thing for E. One of her friends, who had come camping with us this weekend, got her some Bratz babies, which he had found out she liked while we were there. I thought that was very sweet and E really liked them. We stayed until 6:30 pm, our standard 7 hour LVLL day, and headed home to meet daddy.

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