Thursday, October 20, 2005

Happy Birthday to E!

My baby turned five years old today! I don't know why, but five is the one that gets me. Anyway, when we got up this morning, she opened all the presents that she had left to open. C and I got her a karaoke machine as her big present. She can sing and watch herself on the screen, record her voice on a tape, and sing along to regular CDs or tapes as well as karaoke ones. She and A had fun singing to the kids song CD I got to go with it. They had Mary Had a Little Lamb stuck in their heads and mine all day long! Her Nana got her a Smoochie Pup, which she had asked for, and she was very excited to get it. It does not work like it is supposed to, but she loves it anyway. She lived in a fantasy world with that toy dog all day long! She put on this dress that Nana had got her as soon as she opened it and wore it all day long. It is for Christmas and I hope it lasts until then. I know she is only one day older today than she was yesterday, but she seems so much bigger to me. She talked to just about everyone who called to wish her happy birthday, even thanking everyone for her presents, unprompted by me. I think she has it in her head that five is a big girl and she is determined to act her age. This evening, the girls were watching the Cinderella DVD, one of the gifts, and I went and sat down on the couch to snuggle with my birthday girl. I looked at the clock and saw that it was a little after 10 pm (at least on the East coast where she was born at 10:10 pm) and I held her and told her she was born exactly five years before, right at this moment. I hugged her and kissed her head and remembered that first time I held her five years ago. Time flies....

Since Daddy got home late tonight, we are going out to the movies with her friend M to see the Curse of the Were-rabbit tomorrow night, so the birthday celebration gets extended a bit more.

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