Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mish Mash

Lots of various things going on today. I am tired, so I will make it short. E wanted to play with flubber, so we made a few batches. This got me thinking about the bouncing ball we never made on our Potions day, so I whipped one up while the girls played with the flubber. They had fun bouncing it, even if it was not all that bouncy. We checked on our crystals and....success! We now have a good size chunk of blue crystals. E wanted to add it to my rock collection that I have displayed in the dining room, so it was awarded a spot. We played around with the karaoke machine and recording the singing. E had me get down the dollhouse and she played with that for a while. A wanted me to find the frog dissection thing I had found on the internet a few years ago. It was no longer free, but for 75 bucks I could get a whole series of vitual dissections. I actually considered it, but told A that she could get it when she is older, if she wants. She liked the idea of learning about the animals without having to kill and cut one up to do it. E did magic for me that required a lot of eye-closing and ignoring of stuff on my part for it to work, but she was so proud of herself, I went along. I made a batch of stuffing/dressing just because I can't wait for Thanksgiving. A said it looked and smelled disgusting. Heh! More for me! I bought tickets for the Ballet to see the Nutcracker near Christmas. The girls were very excited to learn we got seats right next to their friend M. M and her mom are coming over tomorrow to watch the first Harry Potter movie. Well, the mom and I will be watching, the girls will probably be playing. She has not seen them and couldn't get into the books, so I offered to have then over to watch. Maybe my enthusiasm will rub off on her. That's about it for today.

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