Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Today was our Lifelearner jaunt to the wetlands Park. We had five families join us, one of which was semi-new (been around but not come for a long while). A made friends with one of the daughters and that was cool. We all met in the parking lot and headed around on the path together. I had been before, but we had not gone all the way down to the actual wash, so that was very cool to see. Very fast whitewater rushing down a groove in the caliche. It reminded me of home, except that the streambed would have been shale. My girls were not into going down by the water and I had wanted a picture of them there. So, instead, I took a picture of them where they were, doing what they were doing. Sitting on the path having a snack and playing with the toys they brought. Oh well.

After the walk through the park, we were not ready to leave each other, so we made plans to drive down the street to the nearest park and hang out there. After a while at this park E and her friend M started asking if E could go home with her. I agreed, but when the time came for them to go, A was very distraught. After they left, I talked her through it and walked with her till she calmed down. She came back to the group of moms with me and sat with me until she felt ready to go play again. By the time the sun set and we had all made our way to our cars to leave, she was saying how she felt ok about E getting to play with M alone. She and I went out to eat dinner together on the way home and had a very nice time. We hit a store to pick up a few items on the way home, with nary a complaint, even after yesterday's shopping misadventures. E did not get home until 8:30. She had had a great time on her first solo playdate! A and I had been watching our latest netflix dvd, Fraggle Rock, so they both finished that up before heading to bed.

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