Saturday, November 05, 2005


Today was our Potions Exploraganza with the Lifelearners. We got together a bunch of stuff like cornstarch and baking soda and vinegar and showed the kids some cool ways to mix it up. Above is the demonstration of how to blow up a balloon with baking soda and vinegar. I am assisted by the lovely H. My children were choosing to play today instead of participating, so I don't have any photos of them to share. Not that that is a problem, we don't want to force the kids to do anything they are not interested in, after all. That and they had seen half of what we did today already as it was my kind of fun! The cornstarch and water, otherwise known as ooblick, was messy, but fun. And when we showed them how to separate milk into curds and whey to make glue, they were amazed. A liked the oil and water and food color thing we did and wanted to show Daddy as soon as we got home. I put her off till later this weekend because it was late and we had had a long tiring, but good, day.

At our friend's house, where we were today, the kids watched a dvd they had called Walking with Cavemen. It was really cool and A was very interested in getting it to watch some more. They had it on, but were still playing, so it only got watched in bits and pieces. I'll have to look into that one for her.

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