Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oh, I don't know

C was so gracious as to let me sleep in this morning and when I came downstairs, guess what my dear family was doing? They were snuggled on the couch watching Walking with Cavemen! Apparently, it was showing on the Discovery channel. Freaky! So, we watched quite a bit while we made and ate breakfast. It was very well done and think I would enjoy seeing it in it's entirety sometime.

A was having fun on her new scooter and wanted to ride it outside, so C took them up the street to the park. They had a good time playing and riding their scooters there and back. The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house and in the evening C took some paperwork outside to burn in our firepit. The girls roasted some marshmallows on the fire. Ok, we only had the little tiny ones, but hey, it worked for them! A and I were eager to get reading, as we only had a few chapters left to read in our book. I think I read three tonight. I had to get through the climax before I could properly let her go to sleep. We only have one left!

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