Saturday, December 10, 2005

Gifts All Around

Today was going to be very full and stressful for me until half of what I had to do got cancelled. C called from work and asked me if I really wanted his new coworker to come for dinner tonight, or could it wait til later. If I could have kissed him through the phone I would have! Now all I had left to do was to pack up the boxes of gifts and goodies and get them addressed to take to the post office tomorrow. No cleaning the house for guests. No cooking a fancy meal. No ignoring my kids for a whole other day. Woo hoo! Both girls are dealing with a small cold and I encouraged them both to take it easy today, so they settled in on the couch to watch tv and play from there. After I had my stuff done, I went and snuggled with them. A and I played a game of Go Fish. She was feeling restless and wanting to do something, so she got up to play with her zoo for a while. I went ahead and cooked the new recipe for meatloaf I was going to make for dinner. Turned out pretty good. After dinner while the kids were playing with Daddy and I was paying bills in my office, A came in and said she wanted to make a gift for her Aunt K who is coming to visit after Christmas. She got out all the supplies and had me get her started, but now she is working all on hew own. I won't say what she is making, since her aunt reads here, but I will say it involves sewing. C and I were very impressed with her desire to make a gift and for her skill at the sewing. I love this age! She is becoming more and more fun to do stuff with. When I was a girl, I really got into creating things and I am glad to see A is following in my footsteps. E wanted to make a gift as well, and when she said she wanted to do what A was doing, I encouraged her to do something that she was good at already. She said I could make it for her. I said, no if you want to make a gift for Aunt K, you have to make it yourself, but that I would help like I was helping A. So she decided to do something else and got to work on it right away. I'm so proud of them both.

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