Friday, December 09, 2005

I Must Be Part Elf

Where did the day go? I have been so wrapped, heh, up in getting the gift boxes ready, time just flew by today. I started wrapping all the individual gifts and assembling the goodies, finished making the goodies, and then it was bedtime. Huh. The girls fended quite well for themselves, playing with the zoo and watching Discovery Kids. I had one gift to finish and I could do this sitting on the couch (not giving anything away at this point- I never know who is reading this). So, I watched this show with A about the Dark Ages. The main character was wondering why it was called the Dark Ages and the other characters, who time travel and explain the answers to aforementioned kid's questions, went back to figure it out. Well, I was not impressed that they skirted around the whole Roman Catholic Church's hold over people's minds for 500 years. Blamed it on the printing press not being invented yet, regardless of the fact that the Eastern lands had plenty of books. So, needless to say, when it was over, I had A pause the tv and I filled her in. She took in the gist of it and I let it go since she did not pounce on me for reams more information. That show irked me for other reasons, one of which was that they used the word smart to describe how much information was inside a person's head, not the person's ability to think. ARRRGGGHHH! Ok, I am done.

I am ready for this Christmas stuff to slacken, so I can enjoy my family more. At least I am getting it all done early, so we can relax as it gets closer to the big day. Next year, remind me to cross more stuff off my list of holiday "have-to's".

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