Monday, December 05, 2005


I was sentenced to hard relaxation today. I have been dealing with a minor cold the past few days and today was the first break I could get, so C let me sleep in and then sent me back upstairs when I came down to get my tea and eat breakfast. I did not go right away, but eventually I gathered up some Christmas goodies planning stuff and headed up to lie in bed and rest. The girls played with Daddy and after a while A joined me in bed with her magic kit so that I could show her some more of the tricks. I gave her a few pointers about presentation and she practiced some of the tricks on the bed. My dad called a day late for her birthday (said he had it down wrong on the calendar) and she talked to him and my stepmom for a long time. They both commented on how grown-up she sounded. She will be very excited when his gift gets here as he got her the big Playmobil Zoo. I hope it comes in the mail tomorrow. Both girls got Daddy to watch them dance to the Nutcracker music in their room. I guess they were doing ballroom type dancing, after seeing it done in the Harry Potter movie yesterday. After a while they went downstairs and found ice skating on the tv. We talked about how the winter Olympics are coming up soon. They really enjoyed the skating and were commenting, "that's really hard, cuz I can't even skate!" We are going to a skating party this coming weekend. We'll see how they do. We have not gone since 2003 and A did pretty well that time. E was just so little, she really could not do it, but now she should do ok, since she has roller skated recently. We had Chinese delivered for dinner and watched the ice skating while we ate. Later A and I watched an episode of Mindfreak. In this one he gets run over by a car. Crazy! He also did some slight of hand with coins on a table that was totally impossible! I told A earlier in the day when she gets asked how she does a magic trick her answer should be, "Magic!" I don't know how else Cris Angel does it! A asked to stay up again tonight and right now she is upstairs snuggling with Daddy until I finish this and then she wants to snuggle with me while I read. She might end up moving into the guest room. If she does I will lose my late night reading spot. C will have to put up with my booklight a lot more in our bed. I am reading the Mists of Avalon and it's prequels right now. Awesome! Time for more R&R - rest and reading - for me!

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