Monday, December 05, 2005

Baking Bonanza

Toady began the baking frenzy I enter into every holiday season. I made three types of cookies and one candy. The girls helped a bit, but mostly they just wanted to taste. Well, E wanted to do more than taste. She had a hard time not wanting to eat all of the candycane cookies I made. Anyway, I have several more goodies to do, but they will have to wait til later this week. Other than baking, there was not much to report today. A watched Discovery Kids channel a lot and E played in her own world a lot. Oh, yeah, we did paint some ornaments this morning. We need to do more and will get to that later this week. I requested Christmas music instead of tv this afternoon, and the girls played with their horses until Daddy got home. Then they played with him while I baked and washed dishes. A is still up (10pm), waiting for me to finish this so we can do our snuggle/read in the guest room bed. I told her tonight that she can't keep this up all month because I had top secret stuff to do after children are asleep later on this month. But for now, as long as I have a book to read, she is welcome to snuggle with me and fall asleep while I read.

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