Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sugar Plum Dreams

We had a sweet time with the group making graham cracker gingerbread houses. Five families joined us for the day. Everyone brought colorful candies to decorate the houses with and I made up a big batch of royal icing to glue it all together with. It was very chaotic, but fun. I think the kids enjoyed the houses and each other very much, and I know us moms were having fun because we couldn't wait for the kids to finish up and go play so we could make our own house. E was going for the minimalist look with hers I guess, as shown here.

As if all that sugar on the table was not enough, we also had A's birthday cake to share with everyone. I had the crowd move out to the back patio to sing and cut the cake, but it was a bit windy. The candle had to be re-lit about four times before A finally blew it out. She was quite pleased with herself over that cake, which she had such a large hand in making. A couple friends brought gifts and later in the evening she opened the box that came from her grandparents. She was very eager to open more presents, but I had to hold her off till tomorrow, lest they all be opened and leave nothing for the actual birthday. She is presently trying to get to sleep, but is too excited. I hope she likes her magic kit from us. I know we will have fun with the rest of the plans for the big day.

This evening was the final episode of the season for Avatar. We had a nice family time watching that together. I'm glad I remembered it was on, becasue the Tivo box was full and it would not have recorded. Wanna guess what it was full of? 56 Spongebob episodes. Needless to say, some were deleted. Seems to go with the theme of excess for the day...

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