Friday, December 02, 2005

Party Prep

Today was a busy day getting ready to have the Life Learners over tomorrow for a gingerbread house party. And baking A a cake to celebrate with her friends a day early. She helped me bake her cake, make the icing, design the cake, and decorate it. She even wrote some of the words on it with icing. I cleaned the house and set up tables for us to work on tomorrow. That involved clearing the craft table, no small feat. Sometimes I grumble at how much work is involved with getting ready for stuff like this, then I remember that it would not get done if I was not having people over. Ok, it would get done, just not quite as often! My thing is I haven't figured out how to spread it all out so I don't have to do it all in one day. That is one drawback to living in the moment, I guess. E played most of the day with her Polly Pockets, while A watched tv and helped me bake. They both helped clear the family room of toys and were generally good about keeping it clean after I finished with it. We got a movie in the mail today, Elf, and we watched it this afternoon. I had low expectations, but it was pretty cute. It had the girls cracking up, so I guess they approve. I am too tired to remember anything else about the day. I should rest up for the fun day tomorrow.

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