Sunday, December 18, 2005

Week In Review

We decorated our Christmas tree and got out all the other decorations. A wanted to set up the elves that my mother had made for me, so I set the task to her. I wanted to use the gingerbread houses we made with our group for a little Christmas village, so we laid down some sparkling white cloth for a snowy landscape and set up some little trees and the houses. The girls thought we needed people to inhabit the village and since we did not have any, their littlest pet shop animals moved in. They had ones that have winter hats and scarves and skies, so they fit right in. It is really quite cute.

We went bowling with the Life Learners. Each time A, or E or their friend M was up, they would all three go up to fling the ball down the lane. It was a very, ah, supportive way to bowl. They were very encouraging to each other as well, no matter how many pins got knocked down. I bowled a 134, which is now forever recorded here as my best score ever! We went to McDonalds afterwards to eat and play, since two hours of bowling is not enough time to play. It was quite chaotic and fun, but wrapped up a bit early. It was our last planned Life Learner event for the month, to allow for family and holiday plans.


Today was quiet. I had a grocery delivery expected and that kind of put a hold on things until it arrived and was put away. Then we got out the ovenbake clay and made ornaments for the tree. A made the snowman and E made the penguin. I have started a bit of a tradition where they make an ornament for each year.

C was out of town and we were in need of a plan to keep busy so we would not miss him too much. I invited whoever wanted to come from the group to go see the holiday lights at this cool place they set up every year. The money goes to a good cause and it was a wonderful dose of holiday spirit. My friend and her boys joined us and we had a great time. We rode the carousel, the train and had hot chocolate and funnel cakes. It was also very cold, so it really, for me, felt like Christmas time, just without the snow. Enjoy the pics below!


I had to run an errand and after that we went over to our friends' house to play. The girls played and I chatted with my friend. We ended up staying much later than we had planned, but it was a good time. The girls were all begging for a sleepover, but they were not prepared and C was coming home that night, so I put them off until we could plan something better. Which ended up sooner than I thought.

Saturday and Sunday

A had wanted to go skating again, so I took her Saturday. We met her friend M there and had a nice time skating. She did really great! We will have to keep going, so she can "stay good" as she put it. Afterwards, A went home with M to sleep over. Since, E would never forgive it if A got to sleep over at M's without her, E was brought over by Daddy after they got home from skating. C and I had an evening to ourselves and we were hoping to have a night and morning and maybe even a day to ourselves as well, but it was not meant to be quite so good. The girls got to sleep just fine, but woke up at about 3:30am and cried for Mama, so my friend called us to come get them which was our plan for just such a situation. C and I drove over and picked up our not-quite-so-big girls and brought them home. We were all snuggled in bed together and back to sleep by 5am and the weather was dark and cloudy this morning, so we got to catch up on sleep. A was very sad this morning to realize that she was not at her friend's house to play all day. I felt so bad for her. Maybe next time she and E will be able to do it all night long!

Today was spent hanging out as a family and playing with Daddy. E begged me to make an outfit for her B-a-B Tiger, so I made her this Santa outfit. It turned out pretty good and I had just enough red velvet fabric in the scrap box to make it. She was quite pleased, as you can see above!

That was our week! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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