Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Lion, the Panda, and the Penguins

Quick catch up time. On Saturday we went to the library to pick up a book I had on hold and this time the girls went crazy picking out books. I swear they each grabbed ten books or more. On the way home we stopped at Lowes to get some odds and ends for the projects I have been working on. On Sunday we did not do much except go see The Chronicles of Narnia. I really enjoyed it and A was saying how she wished she could go back to Narnia for a day after we saw it. It was nice to check out the new movie theater only six, count them, six miles from our house. It does not feel so lonely out here on the fringe of town with major motion pictures so close! Now if they could just get an overpass over the highway near my house, then we would be set! Anyway, yesterday I finished the shelves I had made for the girls room. They really liked them and enjoyed figuring out what to put on them. A played a lot of Zoo Tycoon. She is too funny with that game. Every time she gets an animal that is unhappy, she wants to scrap that zoo and start over. I helped her get her Panda happy again and she was so happy not to have to set up a whole other zoo! Silly girl. Today we met with the Life Learners at the wildlife habitat at the Flamingo casino, where they have penguins and flamingos and a ton of other birds, and koi, too. HUGE koi! Like four feet long or something. The girls were freaking when they saw them. They really enjoyed the penguins, too. Not really a good day for Mom talk, though, too much coordinating kids and moving from place to place. Oh well.

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