Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Jumpin', Slidin' and Rollin'

Another week. How did that happen? I failed to take good notes of what we did this week and I am too tired to do the detective work to remember, so I will touch on highlights. I am assuming Wednesday and Thursday were quiet, hang around the house and try to get some housework done, kind of days. I know I did try to get the house picked up for C, who was coming home on Saturday.
We had a park day with the Lifelearners on Friday and it was one of those great days that make me feel really good about being involved with running this group. Lots of families showed up, the weather was gorgeous, the conversation was especially meaningful, the kids were playing so well, it was all good! I love it. We had brought a huge jumprope to play with. I tied it to a post and swung it around for the kids to try jumping. I even got a turn with one of the moms turning it for me. Not as easy as it once was, but still fun! The kids had fun sliding down this hill one cardboard boxes. They figured out that if they put sand on the textured surface of the hill, it would make them slide faster. E was quite the daredevil, racing down the hill! A did not slide, but she did master the jumprope, jumping 12 times in a row.
C got home on Saturday. We picked him up from the airport and he met us with a bouquet of red roses for his girls, all three of us! It was very nice to have him home after two solid weeks away. The girls pretty much dominated his attention for the rest of the day making up for lost time. I had a massage scheduled, so I went to that and did some shopping on the way home. I got E her own pair of rollerblades. She had tried on A's way-too-big-for-her pair and actually did well skating around the house, so it was time for her own. She was excited to get them when I got home.
Sunday was spent relaxing and just being together as a family. C and I did a yoga workout together as soon as we got up. It was his first time doing yoga and he was pleasantly surprised at how much of a workout it really was! C and the girls rollerbladed around on the back patio, while I lay in the sun on the bench. A had gotten one of her Weird n Wild Creatures sets and they were playing this game where as they went around counterclockwise they went back in time to visit the different prehistoric animals on the cards. A wanted to see where each one fit in on the timeline on the back of some of the cards. So we looked for reference to time periods and showed her. She laid out the cards in order and told them how many times to go around to get to the next creature's time. C looked at me at one point and said, "Unschooling" with a satisfied smug on his face. It is so nice to have him onboard now! In the evening we all watched our netflix movie, Where the Red Fern Grows, the recent version. I had read the book in highschool and saw the old movie back then as well. C had never read it or watched the movie. I had warned the girls that the ending was sad, but I was the one crying my eyes out at the end. The movie was very well done and we all enjoyed it.
Today was a good balance of time with the girls doing what they wanted to do and time for me to do my thing, like laundry and dishes and emails. A and I played one of the games that you can play with her WnW cards, basically a dueling type card game. I won the first one and she won the second one. It really boiled down to the deal of the cards each time. Strategy-wise, she was spot on! We spent some time out front rollerblading in the street. They are both getting really good. I even put on my blades and rolled around with them. I was a little sore from yoga yesterday, so I took it easy. We did a little gardening work in the back before it got dark. A wanted one of the volunteer Alyssum that popped up in the garden over the winter for her room, so I potted one up for her. We checked out our supply of seeds, making note of what we still need to get for the spring garden. I was happy to see that I had sweet snap peas, as the girls have been eating them a lot lately. It will be nice to eat our own homegrown peas, not to mention cheaper! We will probably do some planting of seeds soon.
Well, that brings us up to date. I have a bunch of ideas of stuff to write about, so it might not be a week before you see me next.

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