Thursday, February 16, 2006

Frog Gone

Well, today we flushed the poor dead tadpole down the toilet. After many months (!) of tadpole transformation, he never made it to frogdom. The girls looked down into the bowl and said goodbye and that they loved him and then E flushed him off to froggy heaven. Already looking ahead, A asked if this meant we could get another pet. I don't know if I can do another water dwelling creature. It is bad enough that our cat has to remind me for days to clean out her water bowl. Poor fish and frogs, they can't even tell me they are suffocating in putrid water. *sigh* I'm starting to think that getting a pet that the kids take care of on their own would be an improvement over my record. So tell me again how I ended up with such animal lovers for kids?

In other news, I am going to be published! I sent in an article to an awesome unschooling magazine and they accepted it for the upcoming issue! The magazine is called Live Free Learn Free and it is the only one that is written by unschoolers, for unschoolers. Very cool! I got the news yesterday and it made my Valentine's day. Can you tell I am excited? I told the girls I was going to be published and they acted happy for me, but not terribly so. A little while later, A asked me if I had already written the article, and I told her they already had it and that it was going in the next issue. Well, she started squealing with delight and hopping up and down on her seat. She had finally understood exactly what was going to happen, and she could not contain her excitement. That took me a bit by surprise, but made me very happy and I told her so. What a blessing to have your seven year old truly understand how important something is to you and to be so happy for you!

The girls woke up to a pile of candy and goodies for V-day, including a card I had made for each of them. A opened hers and started to read it. She could read the whole thing except for the words "soooo" and "proud". She was so proud of herself for reading it, and I was as well. E pretended to read hers. One day she is going to really read something and I am going to think she made it up to be like her sister. She likes to sneak up on us like that. She really knows how to fake it till you make it!

We watched Edward Scissorhands last night and the girls liked it so much it went in the dvd player first thing this morning for a second viewing. When I put it on our Netflix list, I worried it was too dark for them. But I had not seen it for many years and had forgotten how sweet it really was. The darker scenes spawned conversations about jealousy, being drunk, and how people end up "bad". A hummed the music all day.

A and I finished Harry Potter #6 tonight. I managed to get through the whole thing, even if I had to pause to cry a bit. A was not helping when she would let out little exclamations of grief as I read the sad parts. She was sad to be done, but is looking forward to starting something new. We might read Eragon next or start up the Chronicles of Narnia.


P@ said...

Congratulations on the article getting published, Miranda! That's radical news!!

Poor tadpole! [frown] At least the girls seem to have moved onto the last stages of grief.

So... now that you've reread the HP series, got any new theories on what'll take place in book 7?

Liz said...

Congrats on your article!

I'm really bad at looking after pets, and we have squillions. As well as the new betta, we have goldfish, mice, rats, a rabbit, a cat and a dog. And a floating collection of insects and spiders in our observation tanks...