Sunday, February 05, 2006


I know that blogs are where I get some good ideas of things to do, books to read, movies to watch, etc, so I thought I would mention a few things that have been really cool in our lives lately. First, C and I got to watch a "date movie" the other night and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It was The Notebook based on the book by Nicholas Sparks, I think. Very good, got my dear husband crying and both of us appreciating our relationship even more. I told A the basic storyline the next day, leaving off the very end because I found myself crying and also I wanted her to experience it for herself when she watches it when she is older. Well, the little stinker guessed the ending! Sometimes I wonder where they get their wisdom!

The other big thing I wanted to mention is Skype , an internet computer-to-computer phone system. My brother emailed me last weekend and asked if we had a webcam and told us to get one if not and download skype so the cousins could talk. Well, we have one, but we needed a microphone. A and I went shopping the other day and got one. Then we set it all up when we got home and called them. It was sooooo cool. I kept flashing back to Max Headroom! We talked for over an hour and the kids showed each other their toys and cats and funny faces. We need to update our webcam, our picture was pixelated and the refresh rate was very slow, but it was still cool. And the best part is that it is FREE. Ok, the hardware sets you back a bit at startup, but after! I want all my friends to get set up and call us! You can look me up under my full name after you sign up. The girls' friend M is moving pretty soon and I hope they can get set up with skype so the girls can keep in touch. Hint hint!

That's all for now, but will share more like this in the future. Oh yeah I wanted to put in a plug for comments. I'd like to know who is reading this and how it is affecting you. I know I need to give some to get some, so I promise to comment on some blogs too. If you don't have a blog, but read this one to keep in touch with us, family springs to mind, let me know you are out there once in a while. I wanna know what you all are up to as well, and you know how good I am with the phone.


P@ said...

Max Headroom was totally awesome!

So is your blog. [grin]

I read. I don't comment as much as I should, but I do read.

Liz said...

Hi from a lurker. I found your blog a fair while ago, following a trail which started with the unschoolers blog ring, although I can't remember where I found the link to yours. I like reading about other unschoolers and the things they get up to.

Starcat said...

Hi there,
Another lurker checking in. Found your link somewhere in my search for unschoolers on the web. I enjoy reading what you're up to and getting ideas. I have a brand-new blog, Starcat's Study, not exclusively about unschooling but it does get included quite a bit.

Stephanie said...