Sunday, May 14, 2006


My sweet girls got me a Mother's day present today and had to give it to me early. C took them out shopping and when they got back, they had me open it. It was a pair of diamond earrings! Nice little studs, just my size. I love them! I burst into tears the minute I opened the box and saw them. C said E had first picked out some 3 carot sized earrings, but thankfully decided they were too big! He also said the sales lady was a bit taken back when he kept deferring to the girls about which ones to get. Like she couldn't believe he would leave a major jewelry purchase in the hands of two kids. Well, they could not have picked a more perfect gift! They were both so excited when they saw how much I loved them. I am so blessed!

The girls were very excited today for another reason. The pool went up! It is almost full, we will top it off during the day tomorrow, but they have already been in it, cold water and all. We have the solar cover on, so it should warm up quick. Here are some pictures of the setting up:

We had a nice time splashing around in the shallow water as it started to fill and later, A got in and swam around when it was about 18 inches deep. E said it was too cold, and at 68 degrees I had to agree with her! She is eager to get in though and do a hand stand under water. And to remember how to swim, she says. We will leave the trampoline up for a few more days and then take it down for the summer.

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