Monday, June 12, 2006

Please Indulge Me

...while I attempt to explain why I have been soooo absent from this blog. My life lately has been very full and exciting and well, all about ME. Not that that is a bad thing, but I have not felt much like talking about the girl's life, what with all the cool stuff going on in my life. And I have not wanted to talk about my life, since it would detract from the purpose of this blog. So, in this post I am going to attempt to find a balance between doing both. Talking a bit about what has been going on in my life and also about what is going on in the girl's life. Hopefully, I will get MY stuff off my chest and be able to move on to recording OUR life in all it's unschooling glory!

Do you ever experience life to be series of a-ha moments, coming so rapidly at you as to make you want the ride to stop so you can get off? Well, that would be my life in the past few months, getting more wild in the last few weeks. I won't go into the details, but here is a quick summary: challenging visit with my father which led to an incredible, mind-blowing session with my massage therapist, afterwhich I went to the book store and almost bought a book, that my friend told me I would enjoy the next day, got the book from the library and it led me full circle to the Course in Miracles, which our church is going to hold a study group for, which C agreed wholeheartedly to host with me in our home this fall, and my mother even visited with the message to stay on the path, as it was the right one for me. Doesn't sound like much to you I am sure, but you gotta trust me on this. Not one thing that has happened to me recently has not had an echo, some little, some HUGE, from my past. There is a theme of forgiveness going on here, as those familiar with ACIM would know, and it is not only present, but working. I even read The Tale of Despereaux to the girls, in which the main theme is forgiveness! The best part of all this is that my dear husband is totally on the path with me and we are, for once in our relationship, in synch, completely! Sure makes trying to make a baby fun. A wise woman told me I would not conceive until I had done some (self-imposed) work, and I feel I am really doing that work now and that the baby is close. We will see....

Ok. Phew. Hmmm. That wasn't so hard. Now about the girls. We are gearing up for a road trip to visit our friends who moved to Kansas this spring. Just me and the girls and the wide open road. They are excited to visit their friend, but I am not sure how they will do with three days of driving to get there. Well, I hope! It will be an adventure, I'm sure. We have our route planned out and the hotel rooms reserved. C calculated the gas it will take and I am not thrilled with the cost, but, hey, you only live once! I was very tempted to cancel, but I could not do that to my sweet girls, they would be so heartbroken. So, here's to dropping gas prices and clear road conditions and smooth running mini-vans!

On the way home we are stopping off to visit an old friend of mine in Steamboat Springs, CO. I am glad that we will get to explore the mountains a bit more than just driving through. After we get back, we will be home a couple weeks and then back out to visit family in New York. So, busy times a comin'.

We have been enjoying the pool a lot lately, with the heat here to stay for the summer. Enjoying the mix of friends that have been attending the Life Learners. Playing board and card games, mostly with Daddy. Not a whole lot more to report, not that I can think of anyway, right now.

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