Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Ok, I know that that is not a real word, but it should be, especially when challenged to come up with a word to describe the freakin' sunflowers. Holy cow! Who knew you could grow flowers like this in the desert? The big one has got to be 12 feet tall! Take a peek:
This last one just blows me away with the perfect seeds! I hope I figure out how to harvest them properly. I love sunflower seeds!

In the picture above, A is on the phone with her friend M in Kansas. The girls spent most of the day on my computer at playing with their trollz. M got them started with it and they spent a good portion of the day talking with her as they did things at the site. I took the oppourtunity to be close to them and cleaned up my office while they played. I can finally see the surface of my craft table! Yea! I also worked on a slipcover for a loveseat we just got at a garage sale this past weekend to fill the hole I made by moving the couch into the library. Very good deal, $20 for the couch and $22 for the fabric. Score! A was complaining about not having a couch just the day before. Ha! The abundance of the universe is great!

We took a swim and watched some Mindfreak episodes off the Tivo. I got to chat with my SIL a bit, too, which was nice (Hi, J!). I forgot to tell her that I finally painted my bathroom last week, which I designed after a photograph she gave us for Christmas last year. When I am all done, I'll post a picture, but the photo is up on the wall already. I have had this urge to decorate the house more lately. Must be the two year itch! Move me or let me redecorate! I'll take the decorate option right now, thank you very much. Although someplace cooler, wetter, and greener might be on our horizon. You never know.

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heymom said...

I wondered when I saw your pic if A was on the phone with I am simply amazed at what you (meaning, specifically-you-Miranda) can grow in the desert!As for the decorating itch, I'm saving some things for your advice once you get here! It's nice to have such a creative friend!