Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fast Forward

My life is on fast forward. Can someone please slow me down? Too much is happening and I can't even tell you all about it, yet! Quite the teaser, huh?

ANYWAY, my sister in law and her friend are here visiting us, so we have been busy with that the past few days. They are all out on the strip with the girls and I have a moment to myself to catch up with you all. But I don't feel like posting too much, just wanted to let you know we are doing fine. They leave early tomorrow morning and then our focus will be on getting ready to travel to NY to visit my family for a few weeks. Time is racing by this summer. I cannot believe July is almost gone!

Here are some shots from the trip we took yesterday up to the mountain. We hiked, and I mean hiked, up to a waterfall. I am quite amazed at how not sore I am today.... Enjoy!

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