Friday, July 14, 2006

Toothless Wonder

E lost her first tooth tonight! She had complained of her tooth hurting the other day and when I checked it, it was a tiny bit loose. Yesterday, while swimming in the pool, she and A were fighting about something and she had the string on her sisters swimsuit in her teeth. A gave her a shove and the force caused E's tooth to get very loose. There was a little blood and it freaked E out. Until the blood and pain, she was quite excited to lose a tooth and get the money from the tooth fairy. Now she was not too sure this whole tooth business was all good. Tonight, I was putting the recycling out and sent the girls up to brush their teeth and get ready for bed. After a few minutes, they came out into the garage holding their toothbrushes. E said, "We have a little surprise for you", and held out her hand with her tooth on it! She was so excited. Well, until she looked closer at her smile. Now she is worried people will make fun of her missing tooth! A and I kept assuring her no one would, but she is not sure we are right. I think she looks adorable! Well, I have to go supervise the tooth fairy while she leaves the money to make sure she leaves that tooth for E. Both my girls want to keep their baby teeth so we leave notes asking her to leave them!

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