Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Roadtrip Recap Part 1

Before I forget the details of our trip, I need to record it here, for all posterity. I had a conversation with my stepmom a while back where she commented on how wonderful it was that I had the blog to record the lives of my children. It really is. I think about my own childhood and how much of it I hardly remember. Or I look at old, old pictures of my mom or dad and have no idea the story behind them. Technology today is such that we can record so much more of our lives compared to what our parents could. The trick is to balance the recording with the living! So, on that note, time to record what has already been lived.

I was very pleased with how great the girls did on the driving parts of our trip. They are so mature now and could keep themselves occupied so well, I foresee many more roadtrips in our future. E had her moments of restless energy which manifests as annoying her sister, but I learned to get us stopped and out of the car when that happened. The short break, the chance to stretch, pee, and get the wiggles out helped tremendously.

As soon as we pulled into the driveway of our friends, the party began! I swear I had not even gotten out of the car before my girls were off with their friend playing! They picked up as if no time had passed since her move. I have some childhood friends like that and it is a wonderful thing. Anyway, we spent five wonderful days with them, seeing cool places, hanging out playing/chatting, and just having a great time. The highlights were the Kansas City zoo, the Moon Marble Company, the merry-go-round at the park, the toy store and pizza place in Lawrence, lighting sparklers, and getting to see the movie Cars together.

The last day there, I went and picked up C from the airport, as he was joining us for the drive home with the detour to Steamboat Springs. To be continued....

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