Saturday, July 08, 2006

We're baaaack!

Just gonna pop in to say we are home, mostly unpacked and pooped! I will write more, with pictures, tomorrow when I can remember it all! We really had a great time, but the end seems to always be about tiredness, at least for me. Or maybe not just me. Tonight, E kept tossing in her bed swearing she could not go to sleep, and fell asleep about four second later. Poor A had a hard time once we got home. She did not know what to do with herself after two weeks of such fun and adventure. We snuck off together to do some quick grocery shopping together and that seemed to help. I must go sleep in my own bed asap.... Oh, last year we did a month long vacation and slept in seven different beds. This past two weeks, we slept in six different beds. I swore I would not do that again, and I guess I am swearing it again, for all the good it will do me! G'Night!

Oh, and I found the credit card! It was inside my checkbook register! Doh.

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